Sand and Blood

Sand und Blut
Student/Debut Competition
Matthias Krepp
Angelika Spangel
Arabic, English

Through private video footage found online, young refugees from Syria and Iraq tell the story of how their carefree lives became a nightmare of war. Mostly filmed on mobile phones, and at times quite bizarre and graphic, this montage strikingly illustrates the deterioration into chaos, the rise of tribal conflict, and the influence of extremist hatred that hase driven families apart. This approach offers an intimate perspective on Syria and Iraq’s recent history: a montage of haunting images of devastation, fear, and hatred. It gives the viewer the opportunity to ask questions which go beyond newspaper headlines and straight to the very nature of good and evil, victim and perpetrator.

11.09. Friday 14:30
English Subtitle & Hungarian Simultaneous Translation
Angelika Spangel
Magdalena Gruber
Matthias Krepp
Angelika Spangel
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Filmakademie Wien
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Filmotor, Michaela Cajkova, Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic, Telephone: +420721006421,,