Verzió in High Schools and Film Clubs

Free documentary films for high school students and film clubs

More than 11,000 high school students have attended Verzió’s free morning screenings since the program started in 2004. All screenings have included a discussion between the participants and a professional moderator.

Due to the growing interest of teachers and students, in 2017 Verzió launched a year-round program to bring creative documentary films to classrooms and film clubs.

These films cover a variety of topics, and help develop visual literacy skills and human rights awareness. With 16 years of experience in moderating student discussions, Verzió has developed toolkits for teachers and moderators to provide additional context, questions for film analysis, related activities, readings, and other tips for further discussion.

The following films/topics are currently available through School Verzió:

Our School (Mona Nicoara, Romania – Switzerland – USA, 2011, 90 min)
#Roma segregation vs integration #educational policies #childhood #identity politics #EU #structural poverty #social prejudices #filming children in documentary cinema

Granny Project (Bálint Révész, United Kingdom - Hungary, 2017, 89 min)
#holocaust memory #WW2 history #society #family #Europe #generations #participatory documentary

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A. (Steve Loveridge,Sri Lanka - United Kingdom - USA, 2018, 95 min)
#celebrity cult #popular culture #Sri Lanka #women roles #integration #refugees #documentary structure


We invite high schools and film clubs that are interested in hosting a screening of one or more of these films on their premises, anywhere in Hungary, to register to participate in this free program.

To register, please write an email to