Closing Event

November 16, 8.30 pm, Toldi Cinema

Award Ceremony

The International Jury, the Student Jury, the Kids Jury and the Festival Director announce the winners of:
- Best Teens’ Film
- Best Debut/Diploma Film
- Best Human Rights Film
- International and Hungarian Audience Awards

The winning films are screened on November 17 in Toldi and Művész Cinemas.

For the Closing Night general terms of entry apply. Ticket information here.
Tickets can be purchased online here.

Closing Event

Isa Willinger • Germany • 2019 • 88min • English, Japanese, Italian, German

Chuck picks up his new robot partner, Harmony, fresh from the factory, for a road trip through California. As it turns out, Harmony likes books and can quote the American inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil. Grandma Sakurai is introduced to her cute robot, Pepper. Pepper is meant to keep her company, but is quite capricious and finds the old lady’s conversation topics of little interest. While Harmony and Chuck search for love, and Pepper and Grandma kill time, pressing questions arise: How will robots and artificial intelligence change our lives? And who will be the main protagonists of the future world?

Max Ophüls Award 2019 - Best Documentary, German Film Awards 2019