NOVEMBER 13. Wednesday 

Toldi Klub

23:30-01:00 Kinetic Erotic - the world’s most famous neoerotic punk-jazz trio
Admission: free with a pass or a ticket for the last screening of the day.
Ticket: 800 Ft

NOVEMBER 14. Thursday 

Toldi Klub / Verzió X BUSH presents:

23:30 The Qualitons [HU] (psychedelic rock, funk, beat)
Funk-rock experimental music meets catchy songs, groovy pulsations, psychedelia and improvisation.

0:30 Perfect Son [PL] (melancholic, industrial, electro-pop)
The Eastern European gem of Nirvana’s former record label, Sub Pop Records, presented at BUSH 2019!

1:30 Pressyes [AT - INES] (psychedelic pop)
Smartly light trip pop with a vintage twist. Having an experimental eye and ear for music recorded in their own analogue studio, the band is one of the hottest delegate of Austria.

Admission: Free with a Verzió pass.
BUSH passes and tickets:
Ticket: 2500 HUF - A one-day BUSH ticket can be purchased at Toldi from 21:00, and is valid for all performances on that day at all 6 venues. 

NOVEMBER 15. Friday 

Úrimuri (1077 Budapest, Wesselényi u. 19.)

00:00 BUSH záróbuli / New kids from the block DJ set
The freshest underground music from Eastern Europe, by less fresh organizers.
Admission is free. 

NOVEMBER 16. Saturday

Toldi Klub

00:00 Lost in Techno - Queer Techno Night
Tickets: until midnight: 1500 HUF, after midnight: 2000 HUF

NOVEMBER 17. Sunday 

Toldi Klub - Closing Party

23:00-04:00 International Love Affair djs
Admission is free. 

By showing your Verzió pass, you can purchase a 2-day BUSH pass for 3000 HUF, instead of 4500 HUF, at all BUSH concert venues, and at if you buy your pass online. Use the serial number on your Verzió pass as a voucher code.