Participate in Student Verzió

Call Launched for Student Verzió

In the spirit of critical thinking and freedom of opinion, Student Verzió invites high school students to free film screenings and discussions. This year, five films have been selected for you to choose from. 

Venue: Művész Cinema (1066 Budapest, Teréz körút 30.)
Starting dates: November 13-14-15 (Wed-Thu-Fri), 9-11 am

The films selected for this year’s Student Verzió evoke major and complex issues present in today’s society. These films draw our attention to fellow human beings, young protagonists, with heavier burdens and tougher decisions to make than us. The post-screening discussions have been designed to introduce students to the world of documentary film  and to allow them to reflect on the wider context of these issues as they have experienced them.

This year’s selection follows a teenager yearning for online celebrity in order to escape a dead-end life in rural America (Jawline), it strides along a teen activist’s decade-long fight for the climate (Youth Unstoppable), and it roots for a Palestinian girl who grew up in a refugee camp as she undertakes the intense training to become a policewoman (What Walaa Wants). We watch the heart-warming story of a former mafia member who lovingly pushes his  young, Roma boxing trainee towards a professional rather than criminal career (Ghetto Balboa). And we cheer along as the Sri Lankan pop icon, M.I.A., stands up for important and divisive causes without fear (Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.). These protagonists dared to make brave decisions, and recklessly stood firmly by them.

Application: We invite you to write to diak@Verzió.org, indicating which film you would like to view, when, and for how many students. You can opt for several films. Do not forget to mention “Student Verzió” in the subject line. The deadline for applications is October 25. final program will be arranged in the order in which the requests were received. 

 We look forward to welcoming you and your high school students at Student Verzió.

 Zsófia Lukácsi, coordinator of Student Verzió