Alternative film poster exhibition

The bustle of the city, constantly changing images, a festive mood. Jumbled crosstalk, determined whispers. Then, an unforgettable face, shining smiles and indicative gestures beam to everyone from an emblematic movie poster. The creative design of the poster and the film itself meet each other at the very beginning to enhance each other. Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and Master’s level graphic design students of Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) have been working together for the second year in order to display both serious and delicate topics in documentary films on remarkable posters in the festival’s community space. Posters created by the students, because of their visual power, focus on the films' core theme and help the interpretation. Although movie trailers have taken the place of pre-releases, it is difficult to imagine a movie theatre without colourful and powerfully imaginative movie posters.

The posters are designed by students of graphic design at Budapest Metropolitan University, with mentoring assistance from Ferenc Tepes and Krzysztof Ducki. The exhibition will be on display between November 11-21 at Empathy Café, do not miss it!

Opening: November 11. 18:00

Amanda Antal, Levente Bús, Veronika Dimitrova, Jázmin Grósinger, Édua Horváth, Abigél Imreh, Bence Juhász, Andrea Kassai, Dorottya Kelemen, Eszter Kiss, Anna Liza Kronauer, Zsófia Máhr, Márk Mede, Nikolett Nagy, Ambrus György Németh, Anna Beatrix Ormós, Adrien  Pap, Tímea Papp, Péter Patócs, Arnold Peck, Mónika Beatrix Rikk, Cristina Sibianu, Emma Sulyok, Dóra Ivett Szetlik, Marianna Takács, Orsolya Virág Tóth, Bence Vad, Csenge Viniczai

Address: Budapest V., Arany János utca 31.
Opening hours during Verzió: Monday-Tuesday: 8:00-20:00, Wednesday-Friday: 8:00-21:30, Saturday-Sunday: Closed