Satellite Verzió is coming to 5 towns!

Following the 16th Verzió Film Festival in Budapest, the festival will be held in 5 other towns in Hungary, November 21–24. This year, for the first time, Debrecen and Szombathely will also host a selection of human rights documentaries, including the awarded films, after screenings in Pécs, Szeged and Kecskemét.

The 16th Verzió Film Festival awards were presented in Toldi cinema in Budapest, on Saturday evening, November 16. As a tradition, the festival continues on throughout the country.

PÉCS / Apolló Cinema
This year, Apolló Cinema hosts Verzió for the 10th time. The screenings will be followed by discussions and different programs co-organized with Open Spaces.

November 21, Thursday
Club hall:
16:30 Tiny Souls + Fish
18:00 The Crazy Circles of Freedom + discussion
Guests: social psychologist Dr. Ferenc Erős, psychiatrist Dr. Amaryl Árkovits and social historian Zsolt K. Horváth.
20:00 Jawline

 November 22, Friday
16:00 Confucian Dream / Club hall
17:00 Gods of Molenbeek / Dr. Stark hall
17:30 Hi, A.I. + discussion / Club hall
Guest: associate professor of PTE Psychological Institute Dr. Beatrix Lábadi.
20:00 Colectív (International Audience Award) / Club hall

 November 23, Saturday
16:30 Timbo + Soyalism / Club hall
18:00 White Right: Meeting the Enemy + discussion / Dr. Stark hall
Guests: social psychologist Dr. Sára Bigazzi of PTE Psychological Institute and philosopher, PhD student Zsolt Kapelner of CEU.
20:00 Crime + Punishment (Human Rights Special Mention) / Club hall
20:30 Minding the Gap / Dr. Stark hall

November 24, Sunday
Dr. Stark hall:
15:30 Love and Empty Words + discussion
Guests: head of Alzheimer Cafe Pécs Dr. Szilvia Heim and lecturer Dr. Judit Zeller of PTE ÁJK, expert on patients’ rights from TASZ. The moderator is psychiatrist Dr. Amaryl Árkovits.

At 6 pm, following the discussion, the expert on patients’ rights from TASZ, Dr. Judit Zeller, will hold a workshop on health care-related rights and lifelong planning in Trafik restaurant. The workshop is open for everyone, regardless of participation at the screening.

Club hall:
18:00 Buddha in Africa
20:00 Breathless

Tickets: 600 HUF / screening

SZEGED / Grand Café and Megálló Community Centre 
This year, Grand Café hosts Verzió for the 3rd time.

November 21, Thursday
18:00 - 20:00 Advocate (Best Human Rights Film Award)
20:00 - 22:00 Still Recording

November 22, Friday
18:00 - 20:00 Cold Case Hammarskjöld
20:00 - 21:15 The Siege

November 23, Saturday
16:00 - 17:20 How Big Is the Galaxy?
17:30 - 20:00 Minding the Gap + discussion

November 24, Sunday
16:00 - 17:30 By the Name of Tania
17:30 - 20:00 Timbo Soyalism + discussion

SZEGED / Megálló Community Center
November 21, Thursday
18:30 White Right: Meeting the Enemy – followed by a discussion on the far right in Hungary (moderator: sociologist and activist Márk Kékesi)

November 22, Friday 
16:00–18:00 Crime + Punishment
18:00–19:10 Love and Empty Words

 November 23, Saturday
15:00–16:30 Breathless
16:30–18:00 Just sew it! – free sewing workshop
18:00–19:30 Fair Traders

November 24, Sunday
17:00–18:00 The Crazy Circles of Freedom
18:00–19:30 The Euphoria of Being (Hungarian Audience Award)

KECSKEMÉT / Otthon Cinema
This year, Otthon Cinema hosts Verzió for the 2nd time.

November 22, Friday 
18:00 The Euphoria of Being (Hungarian Audience Award)

November 23, Saturday
18:00 Cold Case Hammarskjöld

November 24, Sunday
18:00 Colectív (International Audience Award)

Tickets: 950 HUF / screening 

DEBRECEN / AltKöz Community Center
Debrecen hosts Verzió for the very 1st time this year.

November 21, Thursday
17:00 Tiny Souls + Fish
19:00 Buddha in Africa

November 22, Friday 
17:00 White Right: Meeting the Enemy
19:00 The Euphoria of Being (Hungarian Audience Award) – followed by a discussion with folk esthete Zsolt Heller, and some members of the crew

November 23, Saturday
15:00 How Big Is the Galaxy?
17:00 The Pastor of Mandák House – followed by a discussion with director Mária Takács, producer Magdolna Timár, and protagonist Márta Bolba Márta

Tickets: 400 HUF
Day tickets: 600 HUF
Pass: 1,500 HUF

SZOMBATHELY / Bohém – Community Club
Szombathely also hosts Verzió for the very 1st time this year.

November 21, Thursday - Seeking the Future
19:00 Hi, A.I.

November 22, Friday – Community and Beyond
18:00 Minding the Gap
19:50 Downstream (Best Student/Debut Film Award)

November 23, Saturday - Hungarian Panorama: identity, remembering, community
16:00 The Euphoria of Being (Hungarian Audience Award)
17:45 The Pastor of Mandák House
19:15 Ghetto Balboa

November 24, Sunday - EcoDoc
16:00 Fair Traders
17:45 Earth

The films will be in their original language with English and Hungarian subtitles.
The last screenings of a thematic day are followed by discussions.
The moderators: social worker Anna Kondics, and art mediator Júlia Salamon.

Day tickets can be purchased on the spot, prior to screenings: 500 HUF.
Passes for all screening days: 1,500 HUF.

Sharpen your Perspective
Budapest – November 12–17 // DebrecenKecskemétPécsSzeged, and Szombathely in cooperation with Open Spaces – November 21–24

The 16th Verzió Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

The official trailer for the 16th Verzió Film Festival.