VR films at the 16th Verzió Film Festival

For its 16th year, Verzió Film Festival welcomes audiences to view the finest human rights documentaries as well as its very first VR Selection, on November 13–16 in Budapest.

The 16th version of the only Hungarian documentary film festival with a human rights theme will kick-off on November 12. The Vector VR Selection, presented for the first time, will take place at the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, November 13–15. The presented works vary from 360-degree documentaries to artistic VR-experiences and immersive journalism projects. VR films will be screened in English, or in their original language with English subtitles.

Virtual Reality offers an unprecedented, immersive and affective way of engaging with various subjects and stories. Being placed into the center of the story, one can no longer passively observe, but must actively participate. The projects presented in this section are about how creators embrace the VR medium and redefine how we experience the world around us.

Mika Johnson’s Metamorphosis VR provides a new perspective on Kafka’s work and world, offering the viewer a new approach to how we think about adaptations, environments and contingencies. In -22.7°C we can experience the landscape of Greenland through the lenses and senses of director Jan Kounen and musical producer Molécule. The Lithuanian Code of Freedom 1991 guides its experiencer back to the last wave of revolution, where, as a journalist, they must make an ethical decision to remain an observer or to act in the middle of conflict, thus exploring the entanglement of interactivity.

A different approach to place and space can be observed in Home After War, a piece of immersive journalism where one explores a devastated family home and learns about the tragedies of its residents. Holy City VR lets the experiencer playfully explore the sacred city of Jerusalem, to gain access to rituals, and to ponder diversity and culture.

In Whispers, the natural and constructed, mysterious and real are merged in the presentation of a sacred healer’s power. Lake Baikal gives us dramatic landscapes near the deepest lake on Earth where people live according to their spiritual traditions. The Real Thing shows us daily life in China's "copycat city”, which recreates iconic architecture from around the world.

In Uncapitals: Pomors in 360 we get a personal perspective not only on a place untouched by time, but on the enthusiasm and passion with which individuals nurture their cultural heritage.

The detailed program of these nine selected films can be found HERE.

The VR program is complemented with discussions held with the filmmakers and immersive media experts. The VR Talks discussion series includes the current state of VR and documenting reality, virtual vs. real violence, women in VR and VR in theatre. HERE you can find the full program schedule in detail.

The main supporter of the Vector VR section is PlayVR entertainment center in Budapest.

Sharpen your Perspective
Budapest – November 12–17
, Kecskemét, Pécs, Szeged, Szombathely in cooperation with Open Spaces – November 21–24
The 16th Verzió Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.