Investigative Journalism: What is at Stake?

Nov 15, 16:00 to 18:00
Media Panel
CEU - October Hall

Investigative journalism is regarded as one of the last tools to defend democracy in our region—one of the few remaining checks on power. We attribute superhero-like features to investigative journalists who fight corruption and wrongdoing, and take on the villains of our times. But in the meantime, journalism is struggling with a failing business model, a decline in audience trust, apathy, and personal attacks—including online harassment and physical threats. We will discuss trends in investigative journalism, the nature of the job, success stories, innovations, and the particular challenges in the region, with distinguished investigative journalists from Hungary and the neighboring countries.

Slobodan Georgijev, BIRN (Serbia)
Mirela Neag, Libertatea (Romania)
Tamás Bodoky, Átlátszó (Hungary)
Gergely Saling, Direkt36 (Hungary)
Csáky Zselyke, Freedom House

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