New distribution strategies

Nov 16, 16:00 to 18:00
CEU - October Hall

The documentary filmmaking industry is going through major changes that need to be discussed. As consumers have drastically changed the way of watching films and have risen their expectations on availability of content, professionals have to re-think their communication strategies and look for new ways to communicate with the audience. These new challenges have paved the way for innovative and creative marketing and distribution strategies. In this world of digital access, what are the benefits and challenges of a theatrical release? Traditional showcasing has changed significantly: What are the new models? What will be the consequences and who will benefit from? How do these changes influence the younger generations and their habits?

Bojana Maric, distributor, Sweet Spot Docs (Switzerland)
Christine Dollhofer, festival director, Crossing Europe Film Festival (Austria)
Johanna Huth, Yangon Film School e.V. (Germany)

László Józsa, producer, SpeakEasy (Hungary)

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