Co-production in Europe and beyond

Nov 14, 16:00 to 18:00
CEU - October Hall

This panel discussion explores co-production possibilities in Europe and beyond and how strategic international co-production partnerships may expand your financing, sales and distribution possibilities. Do national and European funding schemes sufficiently encourage and support co-productions? How do international co-production funds work and operate? What are the benefits and downsides of co-producing outside of Europe? What's it like from a European producer's perspective and what are the lessons to be learnt from their experience?

Alessandro Gropplero, forum director , When East Meets West (Italy)
Max Tuula, producer, Marx Film (Germany)
Anna Závorszky, executive producer, HBO Europe (Hungary)
Anna Kaslová, Forum Manager, Ex Oriente Film & East Doc, Institute of Documentary Film (Czech Republic)
Hanne Phlypo, producer, Clin d'oeil Films (Belgium) 
Julianna Ugrin, producer, Eclipse Film (Hungary)

The panel discussion is in English. Pre-registration is required at