Documentary film impact strategies

Nov 13, 14:00 to 16:00
CEU - October Hall

Documentary films present new perspectives and activating powerful emotions, but what happens next? How can empathy created by effective storytelling fuel action? A panel of industry professionals will come together to discuss how they’ve carried their messages beyond the screen to promote engagement from viewers and response to social issues and injustices. Through their experiences we intend to explore how to build a good impact strategy, when to start working on it and who are the possible partners to collaborate with in the process.

László Józsa, producer, SpeakEasy (Hungary)
Margje de Koning, artistic director, Movies That Matter (Netherlands)
Vivian Schroder, producer, Good Pitch (Germany)
Fleur Nieddu, freelance producer (UK)
Viki Réka Kiss, producer

The panel discussion is in English with Hungarian simultaneous translation. Pre-registration is required at