FACES OF VERZIÓ /// Oksana Sarkisova, festival director

Verzio has a relatively small, but definitely enthusiastic team, who are working on preparing the festival for some intensive months, or some of them during the entire year. In this series of mini-interviews we would like to present some of the faces working behind the scenes, getting to know more about their relations to Verzio and to documentaries.

Oksana Sarkisova has been the festival director for 14 years - from the very beginning. She is also a Research Fellow at Blinken OSA Archive and co-founder of Visual Studies Platform at CEU.

- What is your first memory related to Verzio?

That it was first called Synchron.

- What is the greatest joy in your work?

To watch an inhuman number of films, and live hundreds of lives with its heroes.

- Why do you think Verzio is important today in Hungary?

Because it shows you personal, intimate, powerful, and transformative stories that you can't see otherwise on the cinema screen.

- How did Verzio change the way you relate to documentaries?

Made me more sensitive to visual fakes.

- What do you watch, when not documentaries?

More documentaries.

- If you would do a documentary, what would it be like?

Probably a montage essay film.

- What do you wish for Verzio?

To engage young generations that would like to keep the ball rolling.