FACES OF VERZIO // Astrid Danielson

Verzio has a relatively small, but definitely enthusiastic team, who are working on preparing the festival for some intensive months, or some of them during the entire year. In this series of mini-interviews we would like to present some of the faces working behind the scenes, getting to know more about their relations to Verzio and to documentaries.

How did you find Verzio, how did you get in contact with it?

It was through OSA where I’m doing an internship.

What is your job at Verzio Film Festival, what are your tasks?

I am a program assistant and have mainly worked with updating databases and collecting and editing data for the webpage, catalog and brochure. I have been in touch with directors and distributors of the films in the ZOOM IN student film competition and been involved in the photofilm program which consists of three blocks of short films, a conference, and screenings of feature-length films.

What has been the greatest joy and the biggest difficulty in your work?

The greatest joy is to be part of team that is working on a meaningful project that brings people together. The biggest difficulty, hmm, maybe to resist the temptation to watch too many film trailers during working hours.​​​​​​​

How did Verzio change the way you relate to documentaries?

Verzio has given me an increased understanding of the important and powerful roles documentaries can play in commenting political, social and cultural issues.

​​​​​​​ What would you recommend from this year’s program?

For those with an interest in photography and filmmaking I would recommend the photofilm program since it will explore the relationship between the still and moving image. Except for that, I’m looking forward Education, Planeta Petrila, The War Show and also the closing film Didube, the Last Stop.​​​​​​​

If you would make a documentary, what would it be about?

I like documentaries that portray the everyday life of persons with a strong or in some way unusual character, so it might be a documentary about an inspiring activist, artist, eccentric or everyday hero.

​​​​​​​How would you recommend the festival to someone who usually don’t watch documentaries?

Stop following the news, visit a human rights documentary film festival.

​​​​​​​+1: What is the strangest thing in Budapest?

Fruit soup for starter. Strange but tasty.