The Choice

The Choice
women in film
Canada, Poland
Hungarian Premiere
Vektor VR
Joanne Popinska
Tom C. Hall
Tom C. Hall
Michael J. Brinkman
Janal Bechthold
Production info: 
Infinite Frame Media
Festivals and Awards: 
SXSW 2022 Audience Award Winner
Games For Change 2022 Best XR For Impact Winner

Reproductive rights are a hotly debated topic, and behind every decision there is a human story. The Choice is a VR experience that gives us a new perspective on the emotional and complex nature behind one woman’s choice. Meet Kristen, a young Indigenous woman from Texas, who dreams of raising a family, but finds herself in a dehumanizing system working against her survival. The Choice blends traditional documentary storytelling techniques with volumetric video capture and animation to redefine not only how we tell women’s stories, but also the agency in which the audience experiences and connects with them on a deeper, emotional level.


Dr. Joanne Popinska is a Polish-Canadian award-winning XR filmmaker, documentarian, and sociologist, with a Ph.D. in Film Directing (specialization: VR) from the Polish National Film School. She dedicates her creative vision to developing important conversations around complex topics such as human rights, animal rights, and the environment. By using the latest technology and various narrative techniques, she is continually exploring how to get the attention of audiences and how to evoke empathy and interest from different perspectives.