In 2018, Verzió established cooperation with universities in Budapest to promote documentaries to students in higher education. 

In the frame of university courses, students learn about human rights film festivals, the documentary film genre, and gain experience in various tasks, such as: film critique and essay writing, moderating Q&As, conducting interviews, designing film posters, and organizing an exhibition.

Students of the Film Studies Department of the Eötvös Loránd University (lecturer: Beja Margitházi) and the Communication and Media Studies Department (lecturer: András Müllner) critically analyze documentaries and learn about the meaning and role of the human rights documentary film festival; their essays, and interviews are published on the Verzió Blog. Students of ELTE also practice their interviewing skills as junior moderators of Q&As with filmmakers.

At the Budapest Metropolitan University, Graphic Design MA students design alternative film posters for the documentaries in the festival (mentored by Ducky Krzysztof) and exhibit them at one of the festival venues. The exhibition is organized by the students of the Design Culture BA program.