Interview with Francesco Montagner, the director of Brotherhood // Verzió X ELTE

Tuesday, 11/23/2021

Francesco Montagner's second feature documentary film, Brotherhood, explores questions of masculinity, patriarchy, identity and destiny. It is an intimate and timeless documentary revolving around three young brothers living on their father's sheep farm. We are talking with the director.

The Activist Documentary and its Strenuous Quest to the Absolute Truth. Arica // Verzió X ELTE

Thursday, 11/18/2021

The object of truth is regarded as indispensable in the creation of activist documentaries.

Interview with Nicholas Bruckmann, the director of Not Going Quietly

Monday, 11/15/2021

Nicholas Bruckmann's documentary Not Going Quietly is part of the Parrhesia: The Moment of Truth program section at the 18th Verzió Documentary Film Festival. 

The Fantastic. “Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”

Friday, 11/13/2020

The Fantastic, a documentary film by Maija Blåfield, explores the cataclysmic moment in which North Korean interviewees first experienced a foreign film. It is a moment that the majority of us living in democratic nations will take for granted, not least recall with such wonder and private fervour. 

Read about the six award winners of the 17. Verzió!

Sunday, 11/22/2020

Verzió awarded six creators of outstanding documentary films at the annual awards ceremony on 20 November. The members of the three juries presented the winners online, calling from various countries in order to be able to congratulate the happy filmmakers. Read their statements here! 

“There’s still hope”. Interview with the director of 76 Days

Monday, 11/09/2020

Oksana Sarkisova in conversation with Hao Wu, director of 76 Days, the opening film of Verzió on the Wuhan lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Central Bus Station - A review by Daniela Esposito

Monday, 06/15/2020

Central Bus Station by filmmaker Tomáš Elšík is an unsettling and elegiac study of identity, belonging and anthropology. The documentary focuses on one of the largest bus stations in the world: The Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, a concrete jungle that is virtually indestructible. The filmmaker is relatively silent instead telling the story primarily through its central protagonist, Yonathon Mishal, who has found something of a home in the station.

The Detectives of the Post-Truth World - Bellingcat // Verzió X Utca&Karrier

Monday, 05/11/2020

Information wars are constantly fought in the backdrop of our lives. After Russia provided military and financial support to start the war in Ukraine, it used every platform it could to deny connections between Putin’s government and those mysterious “little green men” with Russian weapons in Ukraine. There is one group, however, that disproves the lies of corrupt regimes and uncovers serious abuses on a regular basis.

Not Moscow - Novaya // Verzió X Utca&Karrier

Monday, 05/11/2020

You are immense, our good Mother: Truth,
You are immense and so is your Power,
You scratch the sky, like a giant mountain,
Wide as the seas,
As prosperous, as urban cities,
Impenetrable like a forest;
One hundred years would not suffice
To explore what you have to offer,
He who sees you, must raise his hat.

- Tolstoy

Hacked // Verzió X Utca&Karrier

Monday, 05/11/2020

The protagonist of Dávid Kresalek’s 2007 documentary, Hacked, instigates a media hack from his living room; he creates a fake news item, which then appears on several mainstream media channels (in printed and online press, and on television), without any background or fact checks into the truthfulness of the content.