Meet the festival guests on Thursday, 7 November

András Petrik, Superior Orders - 18:00 Toldi
András D. Hajdú, Balázs Szabó, Márton Magócsi, directors, The Wall We Call a Fence - 18:00 Toldi
Márti Mészáros, director, Where Is Justice? Sex Workers in Hungary - 18:00 Toldi
Surányi Ádám, director, For a Better Future: "We Don’t Patrol, We Observe" - 18:00 Toldi
Harry Freeland, director, In the Shadow of the Sun - 20:00 Toldi
Szelei Dóra, director, Here We Go! The Uccu Project - 20:15 Toldi
Tóth Ridovics Máté, director, Homo Ludens - Diary of a Theatre Project - 20:15 Toldi