Student Jury Statement

Out of a selection of many excellent films, we have chosen In the Shadow of the Sun as the winner of the Student Jury Award for the Best Human Rights Documentary at the 10th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Harry Freeland’s original film brings to light a human rights issue that has not been sufficiently addressed – the discrimination against and persecution of people with albinism in Tanzania. At the same time, it reflects the universal issue of difference and prejudice.

Inspiring characters, intriguing storyline and impeccable technical execution, craft a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking that speaks to each and everyone in a language, which is stark, yet honest and relevant.

Furthermore, this compelling documentary conveys the power of education and at the same time is educational itself. It shows how the courage of individuals that face great fear and take on responsibility can make a meaningful impact on the overall situation and directly saves people’s lives.

Congratulations of the winner and best of luck to your cause!

Silvija Bumbak
Attila Hasznosi
Anatoly Reshetnikov
Magdalena Smieszek
Deborah Uhde