Conférence Internationale / International Conference

Crossing Borders
En hommage à Chris Marker / Chris Marker’s Legacy

2013. november 8.
L’institut Français / French Institute / Budapest I., Fő u. 17.


Welcome / Introduction

Bernard Eizenschitz (France) "Les formes de deux siècles" / "The Forms of Two Centuries" [in French]

Bamchade Pourvali (France) "Chris Marker dans le contexte français des années 1960-70" / "Chris Marker in the French Context of the 1960–70s"  [in French]


David Čeněk (Czech Republic / République Tchèque) "Sur le langage des luttes de classe: Chris Marker en Europe de l’Est" / "In the Language of the Class War: Chris Marker in Eastern Europe" [in French]

Thomas Tode (Germany / Allemagne) "Le cinéma, c'était le siècle dernier ! Le CD-ROM "Immemory" de Chris Marker" / "Film — That Was Last Century! Chris Marker’s CD-ROM Immemory" [in English]

Immemory Interactive presentation / Présentation interactive [in English]


Roundtable / Table Ronde

Chris Marker Legacy and Documentary Cinema Today [in English and French] / L’héritage de Chris Marker et le cinéma documentaire aujourd’hui

Languages of the conference: French, English & Hungarian / Interventions en français et anglais avec traduction simultanée en hongrois

Organizers: L’Institut Français and Verzio Film Festival

Conference Presenters:

David Čeněk is professor of film history at the Philosophical Faculty of the CharlesUniversity in Prague, and at the Film and TV school of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). He is a member of various Film Festival selection committees  in the CzechRepublic, focusing primarily on Spanish, Latin American and French selections. He has curated numerous retrospectives of Mexican, Brazilian and Spanish films as well as New Latin American cinema. Along with several edited and authored  books on the histories of Mexican, Brazilian and Spanish cinema, and the co-edited volume Visual Anthropology - A Culture Experienced and Seen (with Tereza Porybná. Pavel Mervart: Červený Kostelec, 2010), he has recently published the monograph Chris Marker (JSAF & NAMU, 2012).

Bernard Eisenschitz is a film historian, translator, and program curator living in Paris. His books include Roman américain, Les Vies de Nicholas Ray (1990, US edition: Nicholas Ray, An American Journey, 2011), Chris Marker (editor, Rome, 1996), Le Cinéma allemand (1999, 2008), Gels et dégels : une autre histoire du cinéma soviétique, 1926-1968 (editor, 2000), and Fritz Lang au travail (2011).

Bamchade Pourvali is a French writer and essayist. He  specializes in film essay and Persian cinema. He has written articles on Chris Marker, Jean-Luc Godard, Wong Kar-wai, and Dziga Vertov. As editor of the educational portfolio for the “Planet Marker” retrospective at the Pompidou Centre, he published the article “Godard and Marker, essayists” for Cinélittérature (September-October 2013), and co-directed with Catherine Ermakoff the special issue on Chris Marker for Vertigo (2013). He is also in charge of the festival and website Cinéma(s) d’Iran, dedicated to Iranian film history and contemporary Iranian cinema (

Thomas Tode is a freelance filmmaker, curator and author based in Hamburg. Since 1994, he has lectured at various universities, including Hamburg, Bochum, Zurich and Vienna. He has curated projects for the Kinemathek Hamburg and the Filmfestival "Cinepolis" (about Film, City and Architecture). His research focuses on essay-film, political documentary, avant-garde film and Soviet cinema, and he has published books on Johan van der Keuken, Chris Marker, two books on Dziga Vertov, photo-film, essay-film, and Bauhaus and film. Forthcoming publications include "Advertising Europe in Film."


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