Satellite Verzió - Pécs

Apolló Cinema
Organizing the 11th Verzió in Pécs

November 10-14.

The Apolló is the region’s only art-cinema, and also a significant institution in the cultural life of Pécs. Dedicated to creating an opinion-shaping communal space, we embrace free debates, communities and cultures—with extra emphasis on diversity and minorities. Verzió in Pécs is our magnifier, compass, binoculars and mirror, all at the same time.

Programs of the Satellitve Verzió in Pécs 2021 are co-organized with Power of Humanity Foundation.

November 10, Wednesday

16.00 Dear Future Children

November 11, Thursday

17.00 Her Mothers

19.30 Writing with Fire

November 12, Friday

18.00 Divas

After film there will be a Q&A with director Máté Kőrösi & music composer Márk Bartha.

18.00 Instructions for Survival

20.00 Young and Afraid

November 13, Saturday

17.00 Hey! Teachers

18.30 Courage

20.15 A Thousand Girls Like Me

November 14, Sunday

16.15 Ostrov - Lost Island


TICKETS: 750 HUF / screening


7621 Pécs, Perczel Miklós u. 22.
Tel.: +36-30- 654-1719