Verzió Online

The second, online week of the 18th Verzió will take place November 15-21, 2021.
64 fresh documentaries from 35 countries will be available to rent either as part of a pass, including a smaller selection of films or all the films, or individually.
Please read carefully the following information, in order to get familiar with how our streaming platform works.


  • Before purchasing any tickets or passes, please read carefully the system requirements, for example supported operation systems. To read it in English scroll down on the page.
  • The films will be on presale starting October 28, and you will be able to start watching them from November 15, either via the site or via the "watch online" button on film pages under the FILMS A-Z menu.
  • After a quick registration process, you can create an account and start renting films.


  • The films will NOT be shown at fixed times; you can watch the film(s) you have rented at any time during the rental period, which is 7 days per film.
  • If you rented the film in the presale period (October 28 - November 15), your rental period automatically begins on November 15. 
  • The last day to rent a film is November 21 (until midnight), although for some films we have limited number of tickets, so you might want to get your ticket earlier than on the last day.


  • After you initially press play, you have 48 hours to watch or rewatch the film. 

For example: if you rent the film My Digital Nomad on November 4 in the presale period, the film will be added to your Library, and you can start watching it anytime between 15 November and 21 November. However, the 48-hour window of availability will start when you first press play on the film. Therefore, if you start watching a film at 10pm on 16 November, you will have access to that film until 10pm on 18 November. 

The expiry date of your rental period is always indicated in your library.

  • All films are either in English or have English subtitles. Many titles have Hungarian subtitle options as well. To select the subtitle click on the **CC** option at right button of the playback window.
  • You do not have to pay for all of the films, some will be available free of charge*.
  • There are a limited number of tickets available for certain films. Therefore, please get your tickets early so you don’t miss out!
  • You can have maximum 5 devices registered to one account, and you are able to stream on two devices in the same time. You may delete devices and add new ones. New devices are automatically registered.
  • Due to the rules of geo-blocking, most of the films** will only be accessible from Hungary.

* Free films: films in the Hungarian competition, the Student & Debut Competition, DokMA films, Teenage Lockdown Tales and Into My Life.

** Check out the films available outside of Hungary at the home page of

[Children under the age of 14 can only register to watch films under parental or guardian supervision. More information in the Terms of Use.]


Online passes and tickets are now available at

Type of ticket/pass # of available tickets/passes Valid for Price Discount
Ticket Varies by film. For 1 film. 900 HUF -
DocFan Pass 300 passes For all 64 films. 9,000 HUF 77%
Verzió x Blinken OSA pass 50 passes Radiograph of a Family
The Story of Looking
Our Memory Belongs to Us
The Man Who Was Looking For His Son
Amor Fati
4,000 HUF 12%
Verzió x 444 pass 50 passes Taming the Garden
This Rain Will Never Stop
All light, everywhere
4,000 HUF 12%
Verzió x ELLE pass 50 passes 100UP
All That I Am
Writing with Fire
How to Kill a Cloud
A Thousand Girls Like Me
4,000 HUF 12%
Verzió x WWF pass 50 passes Arica
Ostrov — Lost Island
Taming the Garden
Nature is My Homeland
Kiss the Ground
How to Kill a Cloud
4,000 HUF 26%
Verzió x Szabad Terek pass 50 passes Not Going Quietly
Dear Future Children
Hey! Teachers!
4,000 HUF 12%
Supporter pass 50 passes For all 64 films.
Support the festival by purchasing this pass, and be featured on the Thank You list on our website! 
30,000 HUF 30%