Round table discussions

Hungarian Helsinki Committee - UNHCR discussions

Discussions following 3 films from the War & Peace 2.0 thematic section with the participation of members of Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC), UNHCR Regional Representation for Central Europe and human rights experts.

November 15., 6 pm following the screening of City of Ghosts

  • Róbert Manyasz orientalist, islamic law expert
  • Márta Pardavi, co-president of Hungarian Helsinki Committee
  • Kitty McKinsey, Senior Communications Officer, UNHCR

Moderator: Zsolt Zádori, Hungarian Helsinki Committee

November 16., 6 pm following the screening of Mama Colonel

  • András Alföldi, Hungarian Helsinki Committee
  • Attila Pál journalist
  • Kitty McKinsey, Senior Communications Officer, UNHCR
  • Zsuzsa Zádori, Blinken OSA

Moderator: Pál Réti, former editor in chief of HVG magazine.

November 17., 6 pm following the screening of The Wait

  • Kitty McKinsey, Senior Communications Officer, UNHCR
  • Boldizsár Nagy international lawyer
  • András Léderer, Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Moderator: András Földes, journalist of Index.

Discussions are in Hungarian and English with simultaneous translation.

Documentary Club: Debating Impact
round table discussion
November 18, Saturday, 6 pm @ Blinken OSA Archive

As part of our Explore Impact program at 14th Verzio we are organizing a round table that aims to debate the impact of documentary films.

What are the keys to making documentary films that change minds and transform behaviour? How can documentaries deal with human rights issues in an impactful way, and how can such an impact be measured? What happens when documentary filmmakers and human rights activists join forces to reach wide audiences in campaigns for social change?

The discussion will happen in two rounds, first we ask the participating directors and producer to make short statements each and have a discussion.

Then we will have a break (or not) and discuss with festival representatives, and academic as to how they see the impact question - in a similar way, with short statements followed by a discussion.




  • Kristýna Genttnerová (KineDok, Czech Republic)
  • Barbora Hudečková (One World FF, Czech Republic)
  • Ana Tsimintia (Cine-Doc FF, Georgia)
  • Darya Bassel (Docudays UA FF, Ukraine)
  • Orsolya Komlosi (DokuArt, Hungary)

Moderator: Oksana Sarkisova (Verzio FF, Hungary)