DunaDock MasterClass

DunaDOCK is a Hungarian documentary initiative. Its goal is to connect Hungarian filmmakers and audiences with the international documentary film industry. The masterclass series will provide an opportunity to discuss questions of project development, preparation of the fundraising trailer, and filmmaking process, and will address both creative and financing aspects of filmmaking.

10th-12th November 2016.
DunaDOCK Master Class & Workshop & Pitching Forum
Venue: Art+ Cinema


nov. 10.

10:00-10:30 Welcome

10:30-12:00 Why the good trailer is important for International Forums? - Hanka Kastelicová (Executive Producer of documentaries of HBO Europe) - lecture about pitching trailer

12:30-13:30 How to edit a good trailer? – lecture by editors

18:00-21:00 Screening + MasterClass with Žiga Virc

Houston, We Have a Problem!
Žiga Virc / Slovenia & Croatia & Germany / 2016 / 88 min / Slovenian & Croatian & English & Serbian
The director explores the myth of a secret multi-billion-dollar deal involving America's purchase of Yugoslavia's space program in the early 1960s, using a wealth of archive footage and challenging the limits of viewers’ gullibility.


nov. 11.

10:00-11:30 How you can stand out from the crowd? - Veronika Lišková (Ex Oriente Film/ED Platform Prague) – lecture

18:00-21:00 Screening + MasterClass with Ruth Diskin (R. Diskin Films Ltd. Sales& Distribution, Israel)

The Flat
Arnon Goldfinger / Germany & Israel / 2011 / 97 min / Hebrew & German & English
In the Tel-Aviv flat of his deceased grandmother, the director discovers some appalling details about his grandparents born in Germany. Step by step he finds out the details of their lives, stirring controversial feelings about his family’s past, values and social status. Best Documentary Award, Tribeca, 2012.


nov. 12.

10:00-11:30 Pitching Forum – public

14:00-14:30 Award ceremony

15:00-18:00 Retro-MC In Memory of Elie Wiesel - Screening and discussion with dir. Judit Elek

Elie Wiesel Goes Home
Elek Judit / Hungary & USA & France / 1995 / 110 min / Hungarian & English & French
Nobel-Prize winning writer Elie Weisel visits his homeland, Máramarossziget, from where he and his whole family and acquaintances were deported. Now he repeats this journey to recover his memories and to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.


Every program is bilingual (Hungarian and English), and free for the participants and the audience as well. Registration is required to participate in the program.

Registration: dunadock@gmail.com