Photo Exhibition


A Shared View of Armenia and Turkey

In 2006, a group of five photographers from Istanbul went to Armenia to capture in pictures life in the Armenian capital Yerevan. In return, five Armenian photographers travelled to Istanbul to depict life at the Bosphorus. This gave rise to a photographic exchange, which continued with the portrayals of the two border cities Gyumri (Armenia) and Kars (Turkey), whereupon all photographers travelled together along the border between the countries. During the course of their collaboration, the Turkish greeting "Merhaba" and the Armenian greeting word "Barev" melted between the photographers to "Merhabarev", which became the title of this exhibition. 15 photographers from both countries gathered together to build a cultural bridge of friendship and peace. Switzerland's Federal Department of Foreign Affairs supports this photographic interaction as part of its diplomatic efforts to build closer ties between the two countries.

The exhibition was supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Budapest.

The Exhibition will be open between 6-11 November, 2012


Toldi Cinema, Budapest, V., Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.


  • Serra Akcan
  • German Avagyan
  • Anush Babajanyan
  • Altan Bal
  • Anahit Hayrapetyan
  • Mehmet Kacmaz
  • Ruben Mangasaryan
  • Karen Mirzoyan
  • Murat Pulat
  • Ali Saltan
  • Tolga Sezgin
  • Nelli Shishmanyan
  • Ozcan Yurdalan
  • Kerem Uzel
  • Joseph Zakaryan


Ruben Mangasaryan, Ozcan Yurdalan


Competence Centre for Cultural Foreign Policy (KKA) / Presence Switzerland