When a City Rises

When a City Rises
Hong Kong
English, Cantonese
Parrhesia: The Moment of Truth
Cathy Chu, Iris Kwong, Ip Kar Man, Huang Yuk-kwok, Evie Cheung, Han Yan Yuen, Jen Lee
Sinead Kirwan
Han Yan Yuen
Production info: 
Enemy Films
Distribution info: 
Sideways Film Kazz Basma kazz@sidewaysfilm.com
CPH:DOX 2021 F:ACT Award

When a City Rises follows a young couple, a law student and a young father, as they navigate the protest movement in Hong Kong. Using direct action, guerrilla tactics, technology, social media, memes and graffiti, they try to challenge the superpower that threatens to overshadow their lives. Each plays a different role in this complex social movement. The documentary captures a year of increasingly higher stakes and personal struggles in the lives of the protagonists, who confront their fears and find out how much they are willing to sacrifice for change.

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The directing collective consists of seven filmmakers and journalists (Cathy Chu, Iris Kwong, Ip Kar Man, Huang Yuk-kwok, Evie Cheung, Han Yan Yuen and Jen Lee) who banded together during the movement and worked in pairs to follow each character throughout the year-long protest. It was a guerilla response to the explosion of events that happened that summer of 2019 and quickly formed this leaderless collaborative that continued on to complete the film.