The First Woman

La primera mujer
Dive into the Mind
Miguel Eek
Miguel Eek
Marta Castells
Virginia Galán
Aina Calleja Cortés
Miguel Eek
Aina Calleja Cortés
Jordi Carrasco
Rubén Pérez
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Dogwoof Luke Brawley

Eva’s being discharged from the psychiatric institution where she’s lived for six years. After a year of waiting for an opening at an assisted-living residence, she finally gets a place and takes her first steps towards the life she’s been longing for: getting a job, earning her own income, visiting her mother, finding love, and most importantly, reconnecting with the son she lost custody of twenty years ago to ask him to forgive her. In the meantime, Eva takes stock of the past, and works on her self-confidence and trust in the outside world. The First Woman is a film about second chances, the search for “normality” and the borderline between lucidity and darkness.

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Miguel Eek was born in Madrid in 1982. He graduated in documentary filmmaking at ESCAC in Catalonia (2004) and Arcada Polytechnic in Helsinki (2005). After working as a director of documentaries and TV series, in 2007 he founded his own production company Mosaic in Mallorca. He is the director, scriptwriter and producer of the documentaries The First Woman (2020), Coming Soon Last Days (2020), City of the Dead (2019), Life and Death of an Architect (2017) and Divine Life (2015). Selected in more than 30 international festivals, he has been awarded the Best Script in the Madrid Film Festival, two City of Palma awards for Best Film, three Latino awards and Best Documentary and Best Script at the Mallorca de Cinema awards, among others.