Gaze to the Touch

Vzglyad na oschup
Student & Debut Competition
Maria Pronina
Dmitriy Muratov
Maria Pronina
Vlad Dokshin
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Eastwood Agency Ekaterina Rusakovich

Alexander and Serafima have been blind since childhood. They live their lives, dream, fall in love, raise their children and grandchildren, and do business. How do they cope and succeed in a world built on visuals and bright colors? Do they find happiness even if they are sometimes a bit lonely?

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Maria Pronina was born in 1994, in Moscow. She first trained as a ballet dancer. Later, she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University and studied directing at the Moscow Film School. She works in the field of video production as a director, producer and ghostwriter. In 2020, she made her debut with a short fiction film, Rain or Wind, which has been selected for national and international film festivals.