The Earth is Blue as an Orange

The Earth is Blue as an Orange
children & youth
history & memory
art & creativity
Iryna Tsilyk
Ukraine, Lithuania
Ukrainian, Russian
English & Hungarian Subtitles
International Competition

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange is a film about a film — one which children, and their mother, are shooting to distract themselves from the everyday reality of war in Donbas. In spite of the war, some things do not change: the kids go to school, do their homework, apply to university, play with their pets and quarrel with each other over seemingly unimportant things. There are other things, though, which are harder to articulate, that do change. Nastja admits she has become more irritable and harder to get along with since the outbreak of the war. Myroslava, on the other hand, says that war is like a void. With their collective filmmaking effort, they attempt to pull their lives out of this void and create a new reality shaped by imagination.

Anna Kapustina
Giedrė Žickytė
Ivan Bannikov
Iryna Tsilyk
Viacheslav Tsvietkov
Jonas Maksvytis
Production info: 
Albatros Communicos, Moonmakers
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CAT&Docs Maëlle Guénégues
Millenium Docs Against Gravity 2020 Grand Prix & Best Cinematography
Docudays UA 2020 Main Prize in the International and the National Competition
Sundance 2020 Best Director
Berlin 2020 Crystal Bear Nominee