Global Hungarians

What defines one’s nationality in the age of liquid modernity and fluid identity? In addition to the traditional Hungarian Panorama at Verzio which introduces films produced and - by and large - filmed in Hungary, this thematic block presents four documentaries which explore the life of Hungarians across the globe – from Slovakia to Spain, Israel, Bolivia, and Colombia. Each documentary addresses the dilemmas of identification– be it by wandering the world or by looking into a family history which proves to be more complex than any official national narrative. Can examining the “identity ingredients” – language, food, or family memories – help to understand how to feel Hungarian? The protagonists of the films have different answers, but all of them confirm that a personal identity quest never follows a prescribed path.

All films are screened in original language with English subtitles except Felvidék.

Nov 14, 17:15
Nov 15, 21:15
Nov 16, 11:30
Vladislava Plančíková | Slovakia | 2014 | 75min | Slovak & Hungarian & Czech
A personal journey that unravels the forced resettlement of ethnic Hungarians in postwar Czechoslovakia.
Nov 13, 16:45
Nov 15, 16:15
Sebastián Alfie | Spain | 2013 | 69min | Spanish
Preparing to shoot a documentary about the blind, the director invites Gabor, a Hungarian cinematographer who himself lost his sight some years ago to join him as a cameraman.
Nov 15, 20:45
Nov 16, 15:30
Patrick Alexander | Colombia & Hungary | 2014 | 79min | Spanish & Hungarian & English
An unlikely friendship between a 1956 Hungarian émigré and a self-appointed 'magyar' in Bogotá, Colombia, sheds light on the conundrum of living abroad and trying to find your home.
Miskolc International Film Festival 2014, Audience Award
Nov 13, 15:30
Nov 15, 19:15
Gilad Inbar | Israel | 2013 | 72min | Hebrew & Hungarian & French
A student of Kodály, Holocaust survivor, and Israeli Prize winner and composer Andre Hajdu discusses his past with his six sons.