Sung-A Yoon


Sung-A Yoon is a French cinematographer and artist who was born in South Korea, but is based in Brussels. She graduated from the National Superior School of Fine Arts of Paris-Cergy in 2005, and from the INSAS, a cinema school in Brussels, in 2008. Her short movies, directed between 2001 and 2011, were shown at exhibitions such as the L’Atelier du Jeu de Paume and the Busan’s Biennale. Her first short fiction, And I'll Keep in My Heart, was selected to Cannes - Cinéfondation. In 2012 she began searching for her father who had been absent since her childhood, and ended up with her first documentary feature, Full of Missing Links.

Selected filmography: 
2012 - Full of Missing Links
2007 - And I'll Keep In my Heart (short fiction)
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