Yi YeTing is struggling with occupational leukemia and trying to obtain compensation from his employer. Wanting to help others, he begins working for a non-profit that assists workers with occupational illness and injuries. He discovers there are dozens of workers in his area who were poisoned while making smartphones. Through research in the community, he discovers a leukemia cluster in the neighborhood surrounding Apple’s main supplier, Foxconn. Yi’s research leads him to several workers and their families who are trying to survive despite overwhelming health care costs. Powerful forces are unleashed as he confronts local factories, putting his own safety at risk.

Heather White

Heather White is the founder and former president (1995–2005) of, an award-winning non-profit organization recognized for its groundbreaking leadership in the areas of global supply chain monitoring and factory social audits. From 2011–2014 she was a Network Fellow at Edmond Safra Center for Ethics, at Harvard University. Complicit is her first documentary feature.

Mandarin, English
Heather White
Heather White
Freddie Bryant
Distribution info 
Java Films, Kathryn Bonnici, 38 Quai Du Point Du Jour 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France, Telephone: +33174713313,,
Festivals and Awards 
FIFDH Paris, 2017 - Best Film Award
Workers Unite Film Festival, 2018 - Best Documentary Feature
Festival Del Cinema Dei Diritti Umani Di Napoli, 2017 - Special Mention