Mária Takács


Mária Takács is a documentary filmmaker, video journalist and LGBTQ activist. Hidden Years, her first documentary about lesbian stories of the years before the regime change in Hungary, won the Audience Award of the 11th Verzió and the ERSTE Social Award. Her documentaries Hot Men, Cold Dictatorships (2015), More Than a Relationship (2016), and Game On – Queer Disruptions in Sports (2020) have been screened at numerous film festivals in Hungary and abroad. Her film about Márta Bolba evangelical pastor, The Pastor of Mandák House (2019), was fined by the current government for addressing contemporary political issues, but has been screened in cinemas and religious and civil communities. Currently, she is working on a participatory human rights soap opera, The Second Golden Age..., and as a video journalist, she continues to document the events of Józsefváros (the district 8th in Budapest). She received the Hégető Honorka Award in 2020 for her journalistic work and the Emma Goldman Snowball Award in 2023 for her work as a lesbian feminist documentary filmmaker.

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