Gyula Gazdag


Gyula Gazdag is a screenwriter and director of film, theater, and television, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and TV. He has served as Artistic Director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab since 1997. He has worked with young screenwriters at the Script Station of the Berlinale Talents since 2006, and mentors young talent at Sarajevo Talents since 2015. He has conducted directing and screenwriting workshops in several countries. Gazdag has directed several films, his documentaries include:  A Poet on the Lower East Side – A Docu-Diary on Allen Ginsberg, Hungarian Chronicles, Package Tour, The Banquet, The Resolution [Co-directed with Judit Ember], The Selection and The Long-Distance Runner. Most of Gazdag’s films were banned in Communist Hungary and were denied foreign exhibition.

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