Szymon Rogiński


Szymon Rogiński (b. 1975 in Gdańsk). Visual artist, photographer, and author of photobooks. Lives and works in Warsaw. With photography as a base for his work and practice, for more than twenty years he has been working in series, focusing on nocturnes and the material qualities of light. His work, present in a number of collections (i.e. MuFo in Krakow, the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, and the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning in Warsaw), has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Outside of working solo, he enjoys collaborations, both in artistic and commercial contexts in the role of photographer/director. Inspirations for his works range from David Lynch and road movies, pop culture and Poland (as cliché, phantasm, and place), to the Anthropocene, postapocalyptic scenarios and visions, and the man-altered landscape. Right now, he is in the process of exploring the creative uses of drone photography, photogrammetry, as well as VR.

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artist, photgrapher
VR: Experimental Approach to Documentary Filmmaking