Legal barriers and instruments for the redress of victims of sexual violence

13 November 2021 - 1:30PM to 3:00PM
Blinken OSA

What barriers impede the rights of women and children affected by sexual violence and abuse in Hungary today? What instruments and strategies can be applied to overcome these barriers? What impact does fighting an uphill battle for their rights have on the victims? How can the situation be improved at the state and institutional level, and what instruments do women’s rights NGOs use to help victims overcome these barriers?

Dr. Vera Péterfi, lawyer (PATENT Association, legal assistance)
Dr. Judit Wirth, lawyer, mentor (NANE Association, integrated customer-care, strength-groups)
Krisztina Les, social worker (NANE-PATENT Mentor’s Network project)
Boglárka Petrás, activist (PATENT Women’s Right Moneybox)
Dr. Noá Nógrádi, expert on women’s rights, analyst (PATENT, NANE)

Moderator: Noémi Lehoczki, journalist (mé

The discussion is in Hungarian.