György Dobray


György Dobray (born 1942, in Budapest, Hungary) graduated from the Department of Cinematography of the Film Academy in 1965. He has produced documentary, educational and literary films for Hungarian Television, and fiction films for the Hungarian Film Production Company. He is currently working on documentary and TV films, as well as a fiction film. He received the Hungarian Balázs Béla Award in 2010.

Selected filmography: 
2020 - Kövek (Stones)
2017 - Próbajáték (Trial Game)
2005 - Gólyamese (Stork Story)
2002 - Szerelem utolsó vérig (feature fiction)
1988 - Szerelem második vérig (feature fiction)
1985 - Szerelem első vérig (feature fiction)
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The Two of Us
Q&A with Flóra Chilton and György Dobray