Q&A with Balázs Wizner and Ilona Gaal, directors of Terminal Stage

15 November 2020 - 2:00PM to 2:45PM

Reporter: Tamás Teszler, film professional

The discussion is in Hungarian. 

Balázs Wizner

Balázs Wizner (1972) is a sociologist and documentary film director. He worked for the Institute of Sociology in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He made documentary films and public service commercials as the head of Metaforum Film Studio. He currently works as a video journalist for AFP, as director of photography in documentary films and in oral history research projects. 

Ilona Gaal

Ilona Gaal is a sociologist and journalist who has worked in hospice care for 10 years beside patients as a volunteer and communication specialist. Terminal Phase is her first documentary.