Watch docs, do good!

Since the educational program, Student Verzio, began in 2004 more than 8,000 high school students have attended the free screenings and follow-up discussions moderated by our experienced colleagues.

Thanks to a growing interest from students and teachers, we launched a year-round educational program in June 2017 to bring human rights documentaries directly to classrooms, free of charge.

These programs are especially popular since many students don’t have the opportunity to see such thought-provoking films for free. Furthermore, our team has proven a successful partner in visual media education and in raising human rights awareness.

We are currently developing a special toolkit for teachers with information and playful tasks that provide additional context. We also propose: questions for film analysis, related activities, readings, and other tips for further discussion.

Please help us continue this outstanding program. Further information HERE.

How can you help as an individual?

Recurring donations

You can transfer your chosen amount of support to the foundation on a monthly basis with a permanent payment order to help keep our programs funded.

For only a few thousand HUF a month an entire high school class can view Verzio documentaries.

Our bank account information:
Unicredit Bank IBAN: HU40 1091 8001 0000 0089 7913 0005

One-time donations

We also welcome one-time donations of any amount. You can make a donation via PayPal.

Visit our programs

You can also participate in our public events and make a small cash donation for a unique film experience. Upcoming programs can be found on the Verzio Facebook page.

Organize your own fundraising event!

Make someone happy and contribute to a noble cause with these great ideas:

Gift card

Can’t think of the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, or the holidays? Make (or ask for) a donation on behalf of friends and family in lieu of giving gifts! We will gladly issue a certificate of your donation in the form of a gift card. Furthermore, if the gift is not anonymous, we will post the recipient’s name as a donor on our website, Facebook page and other news publications. This gift allows you to contribute to the Verzio Film Festival and the culture of donation.

Organize your own movie nights

Host a viewing for friends, acquaintances, or colleagues! Contact us and we will happily recommend a film which suits your interests and provides your attendees with a special experience. Show your support for Verzio by raising a donation (similar to the cost of a cinema ticket) from each of your participants. If you can provide a canvas or wall for projection, we can provide the rest.