Call for Digital Experiences

Call for digital experiences to the 21th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival are open 

The 5th Vektor VR program in the frame of the 21st Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will be held between 6–13 November 2024 in Budapest, Hungary. 

Deadline for submissions: July 15, 2024 - - - Extended deadline: July 21, 2024
Festival dates: November 6-13, 2024

Vektor VR. vol 5. 2024
November 6-13, 2024, Budapest

Misunderstood bodies

In digital experiences, our bodies take on new roles. They represent us, interact socially, and express our identities, yet we often lose sight of them in the immersive experiences. This raises questions: Do we truly inhabit these virtual bodies? The virtual world guides us, showing how we fit into our temporary surroundings and shaping our perceptions. Exploring this, as Philippe Bédard proposed in 2023, we can reframe our bodies as being "augmented bodies" that connect the physical reality to the virtual. This opens doors to new experiences, new forms of life, and fresh perspectives on our bodies, both in and out of the digital.

In our current call for Vektor, we invite various media works (XR, immersive and interactive pieces, games, video art) that challenge the conventional notion of the body's role. These works may explore physical alterations, introduce new sensory dimensions, or shift the viewer's perspective, inviting a deeper understanding of inhabiting a different body. But what does it feel like to have a body?

We are looking for works that deal with the question of body, embodiment, and experiencing ourselves and the perspective of other's in new ways.

Please submit your XR/new media projects/other interdisciplinary documentary artworks by the 15th of July

- - - Extended deadline: July 21, 2024 - - - 


If you have any questions, please write to Ágnes Bakk and András Szabó at