Divas won this year's Audience Award

The audience could vote for the films between 11 and 14 November in Toldi, Művész and Kino cinemas. The winner of the Audience Award of the 18th Verzió is Divas by Máté Kőrösi. 

Among the highest voted films are Courage (Aliaksey Paluyan, Germany, 2021), This Cannot Be Atoned For (László Halász, Hungary, 2021), A Thousand Girls Like Me (Sahra Mani, Afghanistan, France, 2018) and My Digital Nomad (Kata Oláh, Hungary, 2021). 

The 64 films of the 18th Verzió can be viewed online at festival.verzio.org until 21 November, including the Audience Award winner Divas. Until 17 November Divas is available online free of charge.