Student Verzio

In 2011 Student Verzio invites students and teachers to watch, discuss and challenge contemporary social and human rights issues via documentaries. 5 recent releases will be presented free at special morning screenings with follow-up discussions. This year’s selection of films raise questions about society, social interaction and the environment. What will happen to nuclear waste once it’s buried for good? What does home and safety mean to us? How does Facebook change our social life? How does the Internet help spread extreme ideologies and how far are they from us?
Lots of issues to discuss! If it’s hard to choose, choose several!

Digital Suicide: Farewell Facebook
Joep van Osch / 2010 / The Netherlands / 11 min / Dutch
Can I be Facebook friends with my parents? Should I add someone I don’t really know? A look into the way people behave on the world’s largest social network.
Into Eternity
Michael Madsen / Denmark & Sweden & Finland & Italy / 2010 / 75 min / English & Swedish & Finnish
The world's final resting place for nuclear waste is to be sealed for 100,000 years. How can we prevent distant generations from thinking they have found hidden treasure or the pyramids of our time?
My Home is My Castle
Alexander Kleider & Daniela Michel & Marco Müller / Germany / 2011 / 75 min / Hungarian
An upper-middle class teenager, a young Roma violinist, and two homeless people - all Budapest dwellers whose paths hardly cross. Different aspects of the struggle to secure a future in ever-changing Hungarian society.
Out of Reach
Jakub Stożek / Poland / 2010 / 30 min / Polish
Two teenage girls who have not seen their mother for fourteen years attempt to reestablish contact. Will they find each other?
White Terror
Daniel Schweizer / Switzerland & France & Germany / 2005 / 52 min / English & French & German
An investigation into extremist networks in Europe, North America and Russia. With the Internet, it only takes a click to share propaganda, racism and hate with the world. A crash course on mastering exclusion.

November 9-11. 9am, 11am.

Toldi Cinema (Budapest V., Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.) OSA Archívum (Budapest V., Arany János u. 32.)

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