Cinema schedule

Toldi Cinema - Budapest, V. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36–38. Tel.: +36 1 472 0398
Films in Toldi Cinema are screened in original with English subtitles

Cirko-gejzír Cinema - Budapest, V. Balassi B. u. 15–17. Tel.: +36 1 269 1915
Films in Cirko-Gejzír are screened in original language with English subtitles

Odeon Lloyd Cinema - Budapest, XIII. Hollán Ernő u.7. Tel.: +36 1 329 2064
Films in Odeon Cinema are screened in original language, English subtitles and Hungarian voiceover

November 8
November 9
November 10
November 11
November 12
November 13
48     4.15PM 4.30PM    
Agnus Dei: The Lamb of God     10PM   4.30PM  
Algeria: Images of a Fight         8.30PM  
Autumn Gold     8.30PM   6PM  
Calling the Ghosts         2PM  
Caught Between Two Worlds         8.15PM  
Closing in on Tanja       8.30PM 6.15PM  
The Collaborator and his Family         6.30PM 4PM
Corvin Variations         4.30PM  
Eid         6.30PM 4PM
Europolis   8.15PM     4.30PM  
Good Husband, Dear Son           12PM
Granito: How to Nail a Dictator     6.30PM      
Homo@lv       10.15PM 8.30PM  
Honk!     6.30PM 6.15PM    
I love You       6.30PM 10PM  
Interrogations           12PM
Into Eternity       4PM   4.30PM
Invisible Strings         2PM  
Iron Curtain – Theatre in the Penitentiary of Vác   6.15PM        
Kabul Dream Factory   10.15PM 4.30PM 4.15PM    
Karla’s Arrival     6PM     6.30PM
Katka           12.15PM
Khodorkovsky   6PM   4.30PM   2PM
Lora Testimonies     6.15PM      
Loving Sophia     8PM 8.30PM    
The Maelstrom - A Family Chronicle         6.30PM  
Marathon Boy     6.30PM 8.30PM    
Marcela       4.30PM   8.30PM
Marriage Stories 20 Years Later - Ivana and Vaclav     4.30PM   12PM  
Marriage Stories 20 Years Later - Zuzana and Stanislav     4.30PM   12PM  
Miner's Day     4.30PM   10.15PM  
MOTALKO       6.15PM    
The Other Chelsea   10PM   8.15PM   4.30PM
Our School 7PM     6PM    
Out of Reach         4.15PM  
Pablo's Hippos     9.45PM   8.30PM  
Position Among the Stars   8PM     6.30PM  
Regretters       6.30PM 4.15PM  
René           4.30PM
The Siege     8.30PM   12.15PM  
Sons of Perdition     8.30PM   8PM  
The Specialist       6.30PM 2PM  
Staging a Revolution     6.30PM   4.30PM
The State of Weightlessness   5PM   9PM    
There Was Once…           2.15PM
Three     6.15PM   2PM  
Torn       10PM 4.30PM 6.30PM
Videograms of a Revolution           2PM
Vortex           4.15PM
Waste Land           6PM
When China Met Africa   4PM       8.30PM
Wonderful Gladiators     8.15PM      
You Don’t Like the Truth - 4 Days in Guantanamo     4PM     6.30PM