Student Verzio invites students to watch, discuss and challenge contemporary issues via documentaries. 5 recent releases will be presented at special morning screenings with follow-up debates. This year’s selection of films puts forth complex issues that provide an excellent floor for discussions and debates: plastic addiction, minorities, spies, warrior cooks and musical freedom fighters.

Addicted to Plastic
Ian Connacher, Canada, 2008, 85’
More than a century after its launching, it is impossible to imagine our life without plastic. But most of the plastic made in the past century is still stored somewhere on earth. Cheap, ever-present, and convenient – is it a blessing or a curse?

Carmen Meets Borat
Mercedes Stalenhoef, The Netherlands, 2008, 85’
Roma village turned upside down by the shooting of the Kazah episode of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Borat.

Student reviews of II. Rákóczi Ferenc High School, Budapest: 9HR | 11A

Cuba Rebellion!
Alessio Cuoma & Sander de Nooij, The Netherlands & Cuba, 2008, 53’
Underground musical rebellion against the censorship of the Castro regime in Cuba. Not just another film about Cuban cigars or Salsa Music.

Cooking History
Peter Kerekes, Austria & Slovak Republic & Czech Republic, 2009, 88’
6 wars, 10 recipes, 60 million dead. A dimension of history not found in textbooks or archives.

Spy In A One Horse Town
Gábor Zsigmond Papp, Hungary, 2009, 51’
What are agents recruited for? Is it possible to give up spying? Gábor Rimner who was recruited by the CIA in 1973 answers these questions and more.

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