## Magyarul

Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center, 1094 Budapest, Páva utca 39.

Verzio invites high school teachers for film screenings followed by discussions with the participation of historians and journalists.
Further information: www.hdke.hu

I. screening:

November 8., Wednesday, 17.00:

1956 through the eyes of witnesses, from the Kádár-era and the time of the transitions Short documentary films, archive footage by amateur filmmakers, film news, video Samizdat

Pictures of the revolution (6 min)
Footage discovered in 2005, shot on October and November 1956, not yet screened in public.

1956 on BBC (14 min)
The BBC crew shot in Sopron, Győr, Magyaróvár and at the Austrian border on the last days of the revolution. Demonstrators and survivors of the fusillade in Óvár spoke to George Mikes. One of the most shocking documents of 1956. (In English with Hungarian subtitles.)

1956 through the eyes of amateur cameramen (cc. 10 min)
Footage of destroyed Pest and Buda. Ruins, funerals, hospitals, unburied bodies and tombs on the streets. The main sites of the fights. No dialogue

The image of the Revolution in 1957- 58 (10 min)
Kádár János speaks to the masses on May 1st and April 4th.

1956- before the political transitions in 1988 and in 1989 (cc. 20 min)
Opposition demonstrations on June 16th, 1988 (the day of Nagy Imre's execution) and on October 23rd (the breakout of the Revolution). The re-burial of Nagy Imre and his fellows on the Heroes' square (Hősők tere) and at Kerepesi cemetery in Budapest, on June 16th, 1989 (fragments)

II. screening:

November 10. Friday, 17.00:

White Terror
Daniel Schweizer / Swiss, French, German / 2005 / 90 min
Over the past five years, new ideologists of radical far-right extremism have emerged all over Europe, North America and Russia. They do not necessarily shave their heads; they have created corporations, distribution companies, music clubs, magazines, publishing houses, internet sites and they have replaced the old symbols with new ones. With globalization taking a firmer hold and with clear demarcation lines blurring, the hate-mongers are rekindling the fires of the past, blowing on their glowing ashes. Daniel Schweizer investigates the forces that hide behind the "White Power" and the "New Racists" slogans in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, in the United States and Russia.

Barbara Janzsó, HDKE (36-1) 455 3314, (36 30) 627 3613, Janzso.barbara@hdke.hu