War Scars
War Scars

Angola - Saudades From the One Who Loves You
R. Pakleppa, 2005, Angola, 65'
Streetkids, fashion models, rappers - life after the civil war in Luanda.
Friday, December 2, 10pm. Toldi Cinema

The Liberace of Baghdad
S. McAllister, 2004, UK, 75'
Celebrated concert pianist Samir Peter makes his living by entertaining US soldiers in a hotel bar in Baghdad. What is life like in " peace" after Saddam?
Thursday, December 1, 8pm. Toldi Cinema
Sunday, December 4, 4pm. Toldi Cinema

Liberia: An Uncivil War
J. Stack & J. Brabazon, 2004, USA, 102'
Two cameras on the two opposite sides of the front lines. The UN arrives late.
Saturday, December 3, 2pm. Toldi Cinema

UNMIK Titanik
B. Mitić, 2004, Serbia and Montenegro, 56'
100 Serbs stayed out of 40,000. They live in a ghetto of national hatred in Pristina, Kosovo.
Sunday, December 4, 8pm. Toldi Cinema

When the War is Over
F.Verster, 2002, South Africa & Denmark, 52'
South Africa in the post-apartheid years. Heroes' choices: to be a gangster or a cop.
Sunday, December 4, 6pm. Toldi Cinema