Generation Next
Generation Next

Death in Gaza
J. Miller, 2004, UK, 79'
Close ups of Palestinian children with bulldozers, tanks and terrorists all around. The film director is shot dead by an Israeli bullet in front of the camera.
Friday, December 2, 6pm. Toldi Cinema

Golden Hut - A Year with Emilke Karácsony in the Hidegség of Gyimes
D. Zsigmond, 2002-2003, Hungary, 61'
Grazing, milking, preparing cheese. cooking for himself - being 13 and alone.
Friday, December 2, 4pm. Toldi Cinema

Owners of Nothing
S. Talavera Serrano, Spain, 2003, 47'
What do children dream of in the Seville Roma quarer by the cemetery?
Saturday, December 3, 4pm. Toldi Cinema

Tiny Katerina
I. Golovnev, 2004, Russia, 24'
Collects firewood, feeds the dogs, talks to deer - the life of a two-year old Siberian nomad.
Friday, December 2, 4pm. Toldi Cinema