People Trapped
People Trapped

A Decent Factory
Th. Balmes, 2004, Finland & France, 79'
Making profits or ethical business? Nokia in China.
Friday, December 2, 2pm. Toldi Cinema

L. Oláh, 2003, Hungary, 25'
Huge piles of rubbish in Budapest streets. Junking. Lyric montage of found images.
Friday, December 2, 10pm. Toldi Cinema

J. Grey, K. Cheng & E. Orner, 2003, USA & Cuba, 49'
Shortage as the mother of creativity? Mouse trap made out of an iron door, doorbell of a telephone.
Friday, December 2, 8pm. Toldi Cinema

We All Are Made of Coal
T. Wiszniewski, 2004, Poland, 45'
Mines shut down? Do it yourself: carry on quarrying illegally.
Sunday, December 4, 4pm. Toldi Cinema