Films A-Z

Alone in Four Walls / Allein in vier Wänden
Alexandra Westmeier / Germany / 2007 / 85 / Russian
Teenage criminals in a correctional facility in countryside Russia. Law, order and hygiene – only childhood is missing.

Anna, 7 Years on the Frontline
Masha Novikova / Netherlands / 2008 / 78 min / Russian
On October 7, 2006, journalist and activist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered in the hall of her Moscow apartment. Her colleagues started their own investigations to find out who killed Anna.

Bad Blue Boys / Panj pun olova
Branko Schmidt / Croatia / 2007 / 28 min / No dialogue
Family dinners, outings with friends, machine gun fire, and secret bullet-making: the daily routine of a Croatian war veteran. A testament to the lasting effects of war.

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World
Weijun Chen / UK & Netherlands & Denmark / 2008 / 80 min / Mandarin
5000 seats, nearly 1000 staff - including 300 chefs. The West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, China, holds the title of the world's largest restaurant. So what’s on the menu?

Blind Loves / Slepe lásky
Juraj Lehotský / Slovakia / 2008 / 77 min / Slovak
A sensitive and powerful reflection on the most intimate feelings and emotions of blind people. Winner of the Art Cinema Award in Cannes 2008.

Brides of Allah / Sahida
Natalie Assouline / Israel / 2008 / 76 min / Hebrew & Arabic
What makes a mother of five risk a life term for transporting a suicide bomber? A glimpse into the lives and motivations of women in prison for involvement in terrorist attacks in Israel.

Campaign! The Kawasaki Candidate / Senkyo
Kazuhiro Soda / Japan & USA / 2007 / 53 min / Japanese
Go to the nearest sidewalk with a microphone and amplifier, and start campaigning. An amusing look at Japanese democracy.

Children. As Time Flies / Kinder. Wie die Zeit vergeht
Thomas Heise / Germany / 2007 / 86 min / German
A close-up of teenage brothers from Halle-Neustadt, Germany: Paul excels in studies and football while Tommy struggles with school and makes friends with a neo-Nazi.

Chronicle of a Summer / Chronique d’un été
Jean Rouch & Edgar Morin / France / 1961 / 85 min / French
A simple question - Are you happy? – and a range of complex answers. The first cinéma vérité documentary. A true landmark in film history.

Citizen Havel / Občan Havel
Pavel Koutecký & Miroslav Janek / Czech Republic / 2008 / 120 min / Czech
Subtitled 'Scenes from the Presidential Kitchen' and shot over the period of 13 years, the film takes us behind the scenes of the political and private dramas of Václav Havel.

Cold Waves / Razboi pe calea undelor
Alexandru Solomon / Romania & Germany & Luxembourg / 2007 / 108 min / Romanian
An earthquake, three mysterious deaths, and a bomb attack. The puzzling story of the Romanian section of Radio Free Europe.

Crime and Punishment / Zui yu Fa
Zhao Liang / China & France / 2007 / 123 min / Mandarin
Ambitious units fight crime in a remote part of China with often confused and grotesque results.

A Day to Remember / Wangque de Yitian
Liu Wei / China / 2005 / 13 min / Mandarin
4th June 2005. Could this be an anniversary date? In Beijing, passers-by are reluctant to remember what happened 16 years ago.

Divorce Albanian Style / Razvod po Albanski
Adela Peeva / Bulgaria / 2007 / 66 min / Albanian & Russian & Polish
After the divorce of Albania from Soviet Russia, Enver Hodja’s regime hunted down men and women married to foreign nationals, accusing them of espionage. Three couples thus separated tell their story.

Don’t Get Me Wrong / Nu te supara, dar...
Adina Pintilie / Romania / 2007 / 50 min / Romanian
Patients of a Romanian psychiatric hospital debate the weather, God, and other forces they are in daily contact with.

Sebastian Heidinger / Germany / 2007 / 80 min / German
Three young homeless drug addicts at Berlin’s Bahnhof Zoo station. Is there a way out?

End of the Rainbow
Robert Nugent / Australia & France / 2007 / 84 min / Malinka & French & English
A gold mine in a remote Guinean settlement. Global economy meets the tribal community.

The Fidesz Jew, the Mother with No Sense of Nation and Mediation / A fideszes zsidó, a nemzeti érzés nélküli anya és a mediáció
Hajdú Eszter / Hungary / 2008 / 72 min / Hungarian
Can differing political views break up a marriage? The extremes of political friction in Hungary today.

For God, Tsar and Fatherland
Nino Kirtadze / Russia / 2007 / 53min / Russian
Durakovo village: authoritarian utopia with God, tsar, and fatherland as three moral pillars. A model for all Russia?

From a Night Porter’s Point of View / Z punktu widzenia nocnego portiera
Krzysztof Kieslowski / Poland / 1977 / 17 min / Polish
The views of a paranoid night porter whose favorite pastime is checking up on others - the Communist system in a nutshell.

Full of Grease / Malaccal teljes
Kovács Kristóf / Hungary / 2008 / 53 min / Hungarian
Enthusiastic villagers set out to represent their village at an international butchers’ competition. A true story with pig killings and a happy end.

Jacek Naglowski & Andrzej Dybczak / Poland / 2008 / 58 min / Russian
The Evenki are reindeer herders of Siberia. The reindeer gone - they are forced to abandon their ancient way of life, but how to go on?

Homeless F.C.
James Leong & Lynn Lee / Hong Kong / 2007 / 103 min / Cantonese
In Hong Kong the Dawn homeless football team is training to take part in the Homeless World Cup in Cape Town. Only eight players can go, and secretly, everyone wants to be chosen.

I Am von Höfler - Variation on Werther / Von Höfler vagyok - Werther variáció
Forgács Péter / Hungary / 2008 / 160 min / Hungarian
Tibor Von Höfler’s stories and family archival footage open up fascinating fates of the generations of the great Pécs leather manufacturer family.

Ideas and Summer Camps / Koreszmék és táborok
Muhi Klára & Varga Ágota / Hungary / 2007 / 57 min / Hungarian
An unknown virus rears its head in a children's camp in Budapest. Scared to death, the kids later learn that the alarm was a joke played by camp entertainers. Extreme fun and moral ethics.

The Imaginary Revolution / Képzelt forradalom
Zágoni Balázs / Hungary / 2005 / 40 min / Hungarian
The Transylvanian cleric, the Securitate and a revolution that never happened.

In the Name of the Emperor
Christine Choy & Nancy Tong / USA / 1995 / 52 min / English & Japanese & Mandarin & Italian
In 1937, 300,000 people were killed and 20,000 women were raped and killed when Japanese troops invaded Nanjing, then the capital of China.

The Infinite Border / La Frontera Infinitia
Juan Manuel Sepúlveda / Mexico/ 2007 / 90 min / Spanish
Exodus from Central America to the US via Mexico. A fence 10 meters high and over a 1000 kilometers long is meant to halt the migrants. Can it keep out those searching for a better life?

Involuntary / Lo retsoni
Boaz Alexander Rosenberg / Israel / 2007 / 72 min / Hebrew
Two women living with Tourette Syndrome, an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder. A film about survival in a world where one feels "abnormal" and different.

Kalinovski Square / Ploshcha
Yuri Khashchevatski / Estonia & Belarus / 2007 / 73 min / Russian & Belarussian
An exquisite political satire of Alexander Lukashenko’s never-ending presidency. Elections, democracy and freedom of speech in Belarus.

Last Bus Stop / Hosszú utazás
Böszörményi Zsuzsa & Kai Salminen / Hungary & Finland / 2007 / 52 min / Hungarian
Why would the inhabitants of Szelmenc need a visa to visit their relatives on the other side of the village? A tragic-comic story about geopolitical absurdities and those who suffer from them.

Mechanical Love
Phie Ambo / Denmark & Finland / 2007 / 79 min / Danish & English & German & Japanese
Is it right to allow someone to live under the illusion that they are "loved" by a machine? If so, are humans redundant?

Missing Lives: Disappearances and Impunity in the North Caucasus
Zaroma Mukusheva / 2008 / 14 min / Chechen & Russian
“Counter-terrorism operations” conducted by Russian military and security forces in Chechnya since 1999 have resulted in the enforced disappearances of over 3000 people.

Morning Sun
Carma Hinton & Geremie R. Barmé & Richard Gordon / USA / 2003 / 117 min / English & Mandarin
The Chinese Cultural Revolution: the films and plays, music and ideas, rhetoric and ideologies, frustrations and fantasies, realities and ardor - all that a new revolution entailed.

The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories / Problemat s komarite i drugi istorii
Andrey Paounov / Bulgaria / 2007 / 100 min / Bulgarian
The epic story of a village turned concentration camp, turned city, turned nuclear power plant and of its population: drunken boar hunters, high school cheerleaders, a piano aficionado, soldiers from a nearby NATO base, and the laconic former mayor.

Mother / La mère
Antoine Cattin & Pavel Kostomarov / Switzerland & France & Russia / 2007 / 80 min / Russian
With her nine children she ran away from her violent husband. Her eldest son is in jail, her daughter just gave birth. Portrait of a mother.

Prayer / Imádság
Mohi Sándor / Hungary / 2007 / 27 min / Hungarian
The last five years of an elderly farming couple.

Robert Drew / USA / 1960 / 60 min / English
John F. Kennedy versus Hubert Humphrey during the 1960 Wisconsin presidential primary. The beginning of direct cinema in America.

Recycle / Ea' Adat Khalk
Mahmoud Al Massad / Jordan & Netherlands & US & Germany / 2007 / 80 min / Arabic
Abu Amar, a Jordanian ex-Mujahid and father of eight collects cardboard on the streets of Zarqa. Portrait of a desperate man, whose religious beliefs are put to the test in the face of humiliating poverty.

Red Art
Hu Jie, Ai Xiaoming / China / 2007 / 70 min / Mandarin
Billboard art under Mao. How folk art was transformed by the political campaigns during the Cultural Revolution.

The Resolution / A határozat
Gazdag Gyula & Ember Judit / Hungary / 1972 / 105 min/ Hungarian
Why would a Communist Party committee want to ruin a successful cooperative? An insight into the workings of Kadar’s Hungary. One of the “Best 100 Documentaries of all time” by the International Documentary Association.

Respite / Aufschub
Harun Farocki / Germany & South Korea / 2007 / 40 min / silent
A close study of the surviving 16mm footage filmed by one of the inmates of the Westerbork camp in the Netherlands. Chilling details of the camp’s everyday life.

A Road to Mecca – The Journey Of Muhammad Asad / Der Weg nach Mekka – Die Reise des Muhammad Assad
Georg Misch / Austria / 2008 / 92 min / English & German & Urdu & Ukrainian & Spanish & Arabic
Leopold Weiss, a Viennese Jew, converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Asad. Denounced by his people, not always welcomed by Muslims. Was he a deserter or a mediator?

She's a Boy I Knew
Gwen Haworth / Canada / 2007 / 70 min/ English
The director, born Steven Haworth, revisits his coming-out, makeover, and rebirth as Gwen while talking to his family, ex-wife and friends.

The Sinking Village / A süllyedő falu
Szirmai Márton / Hungary / 2007 / 23 min / Hungarian & English
The Hungarian village of Medgyesbodzás is slowly sinking. Is the EU the last hope of the villagers?

Stone Silence / Kamienna cisza
Krzysztof Kopczynski / Poland & USA / 2007 / 52 min / Dari
In the spring of 2005, a 29 year-old woman was publicly stoned for adultery in the Afghan village of Spingul. Were there any witnesses?

The Tailor / El Sastre
Óscar Pérez / Spain / 2007 / 30 min / Spanish & Hindi
A Pakistani tailor and his Indian employee work together in an 8 m2 store in one of Barcelona’s poorest neighborhoods. Immigrants exploit immigrants.

The Thin Blue Line
Errol Morris / USA / 1988 / 103 min / English
Billed as "the first movie mystery to actually solve a murder," the film examines the 1976 murder of a Dallas policeman, and the wrongful conviction of a man implicated in the killing.

Though I am Gone
Hu Jie / China / 2006 / 68 min / Mandarin
Bian Zhongyun is believed to have been the first teacher victim killed by their students during the "Red August" of 1966 as the Cultural Revolution began in China. Her husband recalls the events.

Three Missing Pages / Három hiányzó oldal
Schuster Richárd / Hungary / 2007 / 45 min / Hungarian
Vera parted with her love when he was sent to a forced labor camp. For sixty years she kept silent; now, at the request of her grandson, she tells her story.

Tiananmen: The Gate of Heavenly Peace
Carma Hinton & Richard Gordon / USA / 1995 / 150 min / English & Mandarin
Uniquely complex investigation of the protests at Tiananmen in 1989 and the resulting Beijing Massacre of June 4.

To See If I'm Smiling / Lir´ot im ani mechajechet
Tamar Yarom / Israel / 2007 / 60 min / Hebrew
Women soldiers who served in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank tried to bury the past for years, but finally speak about their experiences.

Twins / Ikrek
Bálint Arthur / Hungary / 2005 / 72 min / Hungarian
Sándor and Lajos live in a quiet Transylvanian village by their own rules, close to nature. The ordinary joys of ordinary people.

Views of a Retired Night Porter
Andreas Horvath / Austria / 2006 / 38 min / Polish
Kieslowski's porter retired. Andreas Horvath went to see what happened to the man whose favorite pastime was checking up on others.

A Village Romance / Falusi románc
Bódis Kriszta / Hungary / 2006 / 50 min / Hungarian
Bitter-sweet love story between a middle-aged lesbian and a married Roma woman in a remote Hungarian village.

Westerbork Girl
Steffie van den Oord / Netherlands / 2007 / 48 min / English & Dutch
A star of the concentration camp revue, Hannelore Cahn was spectacularly freed by her great love Rob de Vries. So why did she return to Westerbork of her own free will a week later?