DocLab 2018 – Public Screening

Date: November 9, 17:00
Venue: Blinken OSA Archive, Budapest V., Arany János u. 31.

The 4th edition of DocLab, co-organized by Verzio and the CEU Visual Studies Platform, will mentor 7 projects in the frame of an intensive filmmaking workshop at CEU Mirabaud Media Lab from November 5 till 8. Participants will receive guidance and mentorship in creating a short film/documentary essay or in editing a scene of an episode from an existing feature-length project. 
You can read more about DocLab 2018 here. 

This free public screening will present the works of the 2018 DocLab participants. 
The films are subtitled and presented in English. 
Click here for the Fb event. 

DocLab 2018 participating projects:

Black Doc (Kyrylo Nechmonya, Andrii Kirshyn, Ukraine)
Denis is a volunteer who initiates group trainings in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

Lesvos Story (Talitha Brauer, Winnie Schwarz, US)
The project explores the interconnected lives of four Greeks and four refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, who all call the island of Lesvos "home".

A Stranger in the Courtroom (Charlotte Bruneau, Luxembourg and Paula Onet, Romania)
A human rights lawyer takes on three thorny cases left behind by interna- tional justice and discovers that what is legal is not always fair.

Szia Sári! / Dear Sari! (Sari Haragonics, Hungary)
The project follows three men of three different generations (the director's father, cousin, and brother) in typical life-changing situations as seen- through the eyes of the only female family member, the director, Sari.

I Haven't Died (Asia Dér, Hungary)
51-year-old Peter struggles with pancreatic cancer. How does the psyche react to a fatal illness?

What will the title be? (Kata Oláh, Borbála Csukás, Hungary)
Two Roma boys dream of writing a musical film based on their life and true loves.

Door of the East, Taboo (Ali Medoo, Iraq)
Three Arab women left their home countries for France. They struggle to achieve their dreams away from fear, religious fundamentalism, and war. Will they succeed?